Season Two... Coming Soon!

Thank you for joining us for Season One of the REEF Roundup Podcast! We learned so much along the way and came away inspired by our incredible guests. We were honored to be joined by each one of them.

We're hard at work to bring you a fantastic Season Two, which will be released in July, 2021. The format this time around will be a little bit different, as we will be focusing the entire season on one topic and integrating a variety elements to help you, our listeners, be more interactively involved in the production and direction of the show. More on that soon. Till then, please don't forget to subscribe so you won't ever miss an episode!

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Season One

Margaux Hein

Lead Consultant of Marine Ecosystem Restoration (MER) Research and Consulting.

Margaux research focuses on coral reef restoration and linking theory to practice to assist managers and practitioners in the design, implementation, and monitoring of their efforts...


Rabbi Ed Rosenthal

Founder and Director of Tikkun HaYam (Repair the Sea)

Rabbi Ed Rosenthal is the Founder and Director of Tikkun HaYam, Hebrew for “Repair the Sea”. It is the only Jewish environmental organization that focuses solely on the marine environment...


Mariana Mata Lara

Marine & Coastal Project Manager at Geonardo, Ocean Photographer, Management Team at Surfrider Porto Chapter

Mariana has been doing research and designing and implementing ocean conservation projects around the world...


Bob Sevenster

Founder and Creator of Coral Aid, Mineral Accretion Technology

Bob was the manager at a tech company when he began developing a love for the ocean and wondering how he could do more to create positive change. That is when he discovered mineral accretion...


Community Outreach for WSORC in Utila, Honduras

Andrea is a Honduran marine biologist and SCUBA instructor currently working as the Community Outreach Coordinator...


Founder and Executive Director of Utila Coral Foundation

Daniela is from Honduras, she has had a love for the ocean her entire life. Some of her fondest memories are...