Marina Garmendia

Marina Garmendia  

Marina Garmendia is a marine scientist, co-founder & CEO of Coralisma, a non-profit organization aimed at rebuilding coral populations in Mexico. With a background in professional diving, she recognized the urgency to address coral reef degradation.

In addition to her leadership at Coralisma, Marina is deeply involved in research to improve coral restoration methods. She is a graduate research assistant at the CRRAM Lab while pursuing her M.S in Marine Science at NSU. She has presented findings on coral microfragmentation at the 50th annual Benthic Ecology Meeting as well as at the 2022 International Coral Reef Symposium. Her work also extends internationally, including projects aimed at restoring the Arrecife de Puerto Morelos National Park in Mexico, as well as work in Southeast Florida.

Besides these many accomplishments, Marina has the rare ability to beautifully communicate complex scientific concepts, so we think this episode will be a real treat!

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