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Brianna Bambic stands at the forefront of marine conservation as the leader of the Field Engagement team at the Allen Coral Atlas. Her notable career features a seven-year tenure as an Independent Researcher, highlighted by a National Geographic-supported virtual reality project on Belize’s Half Moon Caye National Monument. This work showcases her ability to bring complex scientific concepts to the public.With an MS in Natural Resource Management from the University of Akureyri, Iceland, Brianna's expertise spans coastal and marine management, and science communication, with a special focus on the Caribbean region, evidenced by over 700 logged dives.

At the Allen Coral Atlas, Brianna guides global engagement efforts, combining her passion for marine ecosystems with cutting-edge remote sensing and mapping technologies. Her previous work in coral reef restoration across the Dominican Republic and Colombia has solidified her role as a global collaborator in marine science.Brianna's commitment to sustainability is reflected in her low carbon footprint lifestyle and participation in international events. Outside work, she enjoys ocean-related activities like surfing and kayaking, embodying her dedication to preserving and exploring the marine world. 

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