Farah Obaidullah  

Farah Obaidullah is the founder of The Ocean and Us, the editor of the new book The Ocean and Us. She holds a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science from Imperial College in London. With over 20 years professional experience, Farah has travelled the world, observing the beauty of the ocean and witnessing some of the most egregious practices happening at sea. 

Among her achievements, Farah has executed campaigns to end destructive fishing, worked with affected communities, lobbied for ocean protection and been deeply involved in exposing fish crimes, including slavery and labour abuse at sea. Farah is currently campaigning for a moratorium on deep-sea mining, a reckless emerging industry that will cause irreversible harm to deep-sea ecosystems, and for which the consequences in terms of disturbing locked-away carbon are unknown. Support Farah's audacious new project: The Ocean Hope Tour, connecting people to the ocean and stopping the next climate disaster from starting!

The Ocean and Us: @theoceanandus_official