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Ellie Casement  

Ellie Casement, Marine Biologist and Fulbright Researcher

At just 23, Ellie Casement is already making significant strides in the field of marine biology. A dive professional and passionate 'fish geek,' her dedication to oceanic conservation recently led to a remarkable year of research in Roatan, Honduras, supported by a prestigious Fulbright Independent Research Grant.

In Roatan, Ellie focused on the impact of the stony coral tissue loss disease epidemic on fish populations, particularly butterflyfish. Collaborating with renowned local NGOs such as the Roatan Marine Park, Healthy Reefs, and the Roatan Institute for Marine Sciences, her research is crucial for understanding the challenges facing Caribbean coral ecosystems.

Ellie's commitment extends beyond research. She has been actively involved in the local community, teaching coral restoration at dive shops, instructing SCUBA to local kids, monitoring grouper spawning, and even participating in shark tagging efforts, all contributing to the conservation of marine life.

Since completing her grant in July 2023, Ellie has embarked on a new chapter in Portugal as a student in the EU’s International Master of Science in Marine Biological Resources (IMBRSea) program. She is currently involved in a shark DNA barcoding project, preparing her Fulbright research for publication, and brainstorming future projects centered on her beloved butterflyfish.

To learn more about Ellie’s work or to reach out, contact her at elliecasement@gmail.com. Discover more about her collaborators and their efforts in conserving Roatan’s reefs by visiting the websites below.