Dr. Dirk Petersen

Dr. Dirk Petersen

Dr. Dirk Petersen is the executive director and the founder of SECORE International (SExual COral REproduction), a non-profit organization dedicated to coral reef conservation. Stemming from Petersen’s groundbreaking research on coral reproduction that started as an initiative in 2001, he established the organization as an NPO in 2015. Petersen's innovative findings have led to the development of techniques that harness sexual coral reproduction for coral reef conservation. Initially, SECORE focused on sustainable coral breeding for the aquarium trade (ex situ conservation), but soon, within a few years, the actual reef restoration and enhancement became SECORE’s true goal (in situ conservation) as well.

SECORE has established an implementation partner program that trains practitioners in coral breeding and seeding techniques and unifies different institutions, organizations, and authorities towards the common goal of saving the world's greatest marine ecosystem – the coral reef.

Petersen's contributions to coral restoration, are highly recognized, and so is the work of SECORE’s scientists. Along with over 60 supporting partner institutions, SECORE under Petersen's leadership works tirelessly to raise awareness about the deteriorating condition of our oceans and works on proactive measures to counter it.

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