Tamara Silverstone

For as long as she can remember, Tamara has been know by her friends and family as, the ocean girl. She grew up by the ocean, spent long days exploring it as a child, and as soon as she was old enough, began taking scuba diving courses. Since then her underwater adventures have taken her all over the world.

After participating in several programs focused on ocean conservation, and seeing plastic and distressed coral on more and more of her dives, she decided to turn her passion into a career. She is now pursuing a degree in Environmental Science and Sustainability, and plans to eventually become a marine biologist.

Tamara loves learning about the stories of people who work in conservation, particularly those who are making positive impacts for the future of our oceans. Their diverse voices, experiences, and approaches have always inspired her and she is excited to share them with you on the REEF Roundup Podcast.

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